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Sen. Lou Ann Linehan Endorses Lisa Schonhoff for Nebraska State Board of Education

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

BENNINGTON, NE – State Senator Lou Ann Linehan proudly announces her enthusiastic endorsement of Lisa Schonhoff for the Nebraska State Board of Education. Sen. Linehan, a dedicated advocate for education and an influential figure in Nebraska politics, believes that Lisa Schonhoff's commitment to the well-being of Nebraska's students and her extensive experience in education make her the ideal candidate for the crucial role of representing District 3 on the State Board of Education.

In a statement issued today, Sen. Linehan expressed her support for Lisa Schonhoff, saying, "I am thrilled to offer my enthusiastic endorsement for Lisa Schonhoff's candidacy for the State Board of Education. Lisa's dedication to education and her unwavering commitment to the well-being of Nebraska's students are truly commendable. Her experience as an educator and her passion for our education system makes her an ideal candidate for this important role. I firmly believe that Lisa will bring a fresh perspective and valuable insights to the State Board of Education, making her an excellent choice for District 3."

Lisa Schonhoff, an accomplished educator with a deep-rooted commitment to educational excellence, has devoted her career to the betterment of Nebraska's education system. Her extensive experience in the field, combined with her passion for ensuring every Nebraska student receives a high-quality education, uniquely positions her as a candidate who can bring meaningful change to the State Board of Education.

"I am deeply honored to receive the endorsement of Senator Lou Ann Linehan," said Lisa Schonhoff. "I share her commitment to improving our education system and ensuring that every student in Nebraska has the opportunity to succeed. I look forward to working tirelessly to represent the interests of District 3 and contribute to the growth and development of our state's education system."

Lisa Schonhoff's campaign is gaining momentum as she continues to garner support from community leaders, educators, and advocates for quality education. Sen. Linehan's endorsement adds significant weight to her candidacy, reinforcing the belief that Schonhoff is the right choice to represent District 3 on the Nebraska State Board of Education.

For more information about Lisa Schonhoff's campaign and to get involved, please visit

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