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Nebraskans For Founder Values-Action Proudly Endorses Lisa Schonhoff for State Board of Education

BENNINGTON, NENebraskans For Founder Values-Action (NFFV-Action), a prominent organization dedicated to upholding the Constitution, protecting family and children, and promoting small government for the benefit of all citizens, proudly endorses Lisa Schonhoff for the Nebraska State Board of Education. NFFV-Action's commitment to endorsing candidates who share their values is fully embodied by Lisa Schonhoff's advocacy for parental rights in education, local control, and parental engagement.

In their official statement, NFFV-Action expressed, "Nebraskans For Founder Values-Action proudly endorses Lisa Schonhoff for Nebraska State Board of Education. Lisa's advocacy for parental rights in education, emphasizing local control, and commitment to parental engagement resonates deeply with our core values. Her dedication to upholding the United States Constitution and the foundational principles it represents is precisely what Nebraska needs."

NFFV-Action's endorsement underscores Lisa Schonhoff's alignment with their principles and vision for Nebraska's education system. NFFV-Action firmly believes that the education system plays a fundamental role in shaping the future of exceptional citizens and is committed to returning to the basics of literacy, math, and Constitutional principles in the educational framework.

Lisa Schonhoff's campaign is centered on these very fundamental values, emphasizing the importance of core educational skills and the preservation of America's founding principles. Her commitment to preparing students to become responsible citizens who cherish the principles that have defined America's success resonates with NFFV-Action's mission.

"I am deeply honored to receive the endorsement of Nebraskans For Founder Values-Action," said Lisa Schonhoff. "Their dedication to preserving our Constitution and prioritizing foundational principles in education closely aligns with my vision for Nebraska. I am excited to work alongside NFFV-Action to champion the values Nebraskans hold dear and ensure that our students are well-prepared to be responsible citizens who appreciate the essence of America."

Nebraskans For Founder Values-Action's endorsement marks a significant milestone in Lisa Schonhoff's campaign, reinforcing her position as a candidate who shares the values and priorities of Nebraskans for a better education system.

For more information about Lisa Schonhoff's campaign and to get involved, please visit

Read NFFV's official statement below.

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