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Sen. Ben Hanson Endorses Lisa Schonhoff for Nebraska State Board of Education

BENNINGTON, NE - Nebraska State Senator Ben Hanson, a staunch advocate for conservative values and dedicated public servant, proudly endorses Lisa Schonhoff for the Nebraska State Board of Education. Senator Hanson recognizes Lisa's commitment to empowering parents, emphasizing the basics of education, and respecting taxpayers, making her a champion of principles that align with the values cherished by Nebraskans.

In his statement, Senator Ben Hanson said, "Today, I proudly endorse Lisa Schonhoff for the Nebraska State Board of Education. Lisa is a dedicated conservative mom and teacher who champions the principles of empowering parents, getting back to the basics, and respecting taxpayers. Her emphasis on getting back to the basics – particularly reading, is the cornerstone of learning, and her plan to address our state’s abysmal literacy rates is one of action."

Lisa Schonhoff's dedication to returning to fundamental educational principles and addressing Nebraska's literacy challenges is a cornerstone of her campaign. Senator Hanson acknowledges the importance of these principles in ensuring students' success and opportunities.

Senator Hanson further emphasized Lisa's commitment to safeguarding and upholding the Constitution in Nebraska's classrooms, a vital aspect of lifelong success that resonates with the values held dear by Nebraskans. Lisa's unwavering stance against any woke agendas that may undermine the foundational principles of the nation reflects her commitment to preserving the essence of America.

"One of Lisa's key strengths is her unwavering determination to hold failing schools and administrators accountable. Her dedication to ensuring that every child receives a quality education is evident in her platform," Senator Hanson continued. "I have complete confidence that Lisa Schonhoff will be a formidable advocate for Nebraska's students, parents, and educators, and I wholeheartedly endorse her for the Nebraska State Board of Education."

Senator Ben Hanson's endorsement reinforces Lisa Schonhoff's position as a candidate who aligns with the values of Nebraska's conservative community and her commitment to revitalizing education for the benefit of students, parents, and taxpayers.

For more information about Lisa Schonhoff's campaign and to get involved, please visit

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