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Sen. Brad von Gillern Endorses Lisa Schonhoff for Nebraska State Board of Education

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

BENNINGTON, NE – Nebraska State Senator R. Brad von Gillern, a distinguished figure in Nebraska's political landscape, is pleased to announce his endorsement of Lisa Schonhoff for the Nebraska State Board of Education. Senator von Gillern, recognizing Schonhoff's extensive real-life experience as an educator and administrator in multiple school districts, believes she possesses the background and vision needed for success in this vital role.

In an enthusiastic statement released today, Senator R. Brad von Gillern said, "I am pleased to endorse Lisa Schonhoff for the Nebraska State Board of Education. Lisa’s real-life experience as an educator and administrator in multiple school districts gives her a solid background for success in this role. Her desire to focus on the basics of education, reading, writing, math, and science skills, is critical when scores continue to decline in Nebraska and distinguishes her from her opponent. Lisa knows that rewarding positive behaviors and working alongside involved parents to provide consequences for negative will ensure a learning environment where all kids can excel. I wholeheartedly endorse Lisa Schonhoff to represent the Third District on the Nebraska Board of Education."

Senator R. Brad von Gillern's endorsement of Lisa Schonhoff reflects his belief in her qualifications, dedication to educational fundamentals, and commitment to fostering a positive learning environment for all students in the Third District.

Lisa Schonhoff, an accomplished educator with a deep understanding of the educational challenges facing Nebraska, has made it a central part of her campaign to focus on core educational skills while promoting positive behavior and parental involvement.

"I am profoundly honored to receive the endorsement of Senator von Gillern," said Lisa Schonhoff. "His recognition of the pressing need to enhance the basics of education are values I hold dear. I share his commitment to working with parents and educators to create a supportive learning environment where every child can thrive."

Senator Brad von Gillern's endorsement adds significant momentum to Lisa Schonhoff's campaign as she continues to gain support from influential figures across the state, in the education community, and beyond.

For more information about Lisa Schonhoff's campaign and to get involved, please visit

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