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Veteran Teacher Amelia Kovac Endorses Lisa Schonhoff for the State Board of Education, District 3

BENNINGTON, NE - Amelia Kovac, a Veteran Teacher who worked with Lisa for several years in Kansas City, Kansas, offers her enthusiastic endorsement.

“Lisa Schonhoff is unquestionably the best Instructional Coach I’ve had in my 20 years of teaching. I had the opportunity to work with Lisa for many years in the Kansas City, Kansas School District.

Lisa’s eagerness for teaching best practices, newest strategies and data proven techniques has always shone brightly in her. In our time together, Lisa often held book studies collaborating amongst colleagues and exploring the latest research. Her determination for everyone to be successful and have as many tools in their own personal tool box is also evident in her work. She co-planned, co-taught and delivered incredible lessons providing both students and teachers with lifelong skills that stuck and could be built upon.

Thank you, Lisa Schonhoff, for inspiring me to teach with passion. Your dedication for success and commitment to education is infectious to those around you.” -Amelia Kovac, Veteran Teacher

Lisa believes that by growing and inspiring educators, you have a far greater impact on student achievement. Lisa stated that school administrators must be equipped with curriculum and instruction expertise in order to be in classrooms everyday training teachers.

For more information about Lisa Schonhoff's campaign and to get involved, please visit

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