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Lisa Schonhoff Files for Nebraska State Board of Education Candidacy in District 3

BENNINGTON, NE – January 9, 2024 – Lisa Schonhoff, an experienced educator with a deep commitment to student success and educational excellence, filed candidate paperwork today to run for Nebraska's State Board of Education, representing District 3. Schonhoff lives in Bennington and has been an educator for more than 20 years. She has taught in public schools, and been an instructor at Baker University and an adjunct professor at the University of Nebraska Omaha. Lisa holds two master’s degrees in Curriculum & Instruction, the other in Educational Urban Leadership.

With a passion for instilling a love of learning and an unwavering dedication to community needs, Schonhoff aims to bring positive change to Nebraska's educational system. Schonhoff has developed differentiated instruction strategies to support students of diverse backgrounds and abilities. Her experience designing engaging learning experiences has empowered educators and enhanced math, literacy, and ELL curricula for students from all walks of life.

Lisa's campaign is anchored in key principles: promoting local control in education and amplifying parental engagement. She believes in tailoring educational solutions to meet the distinct needs of each school district and individual student. Fiscal responsibility and investment in direct student achievement initiatives are at the forefront of her agenda, ensuring that Nebraska's curriculum resonates with the community's values and goals.

"I am determined to tackle the pressing challenges faced by our education system," Lisa emphasizes. "My top priorities are addressing literacy and math rates, minimizing distractions, tackling the impending teacher shortage, and providing alternative pathways for students to succeed and fulfill their aspirations. By fostering trust and a collaborative environment that brings together parents, teachers, and community stakeholders, we can collectively work towards what is best for Nebraska's students."

Lisa and her husband Dan, live in Bennington, Nebraska, and are the proud parents of 4 children – ages 6 through 13.

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