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Lisa Schonhoff Announces Candidacy for Nebraska State Board of Education, District 3

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

BENNINGTON, NE – June 17, 2023 – Lisa Schonhoff, an experienced educator with a deep commitment to student success and educational excellence, proudly declares her candidacy for Nebraska's State Board of Education, representing District 3. With a passion for instilling a love of learning and an unwavering dedication to community needs, Lisa aims to bring positive change to Nebraska's educational system.

With over two decades of teaching experience and expertise in curriculum and instruction, Lisa Schonhoff is a highly qualified candidate ready to make a difference. Her infectious energy and enthusiasm for education are evident in her priorities. As Lisa states, "I am incredibly excited to embark on this journey and represent District 3 on the Nebraska State Board of Education. It is an honor to be part of shaping our children's future and ensuring they receive a high-quality education that meets their unique needs."

Lisa's agenda includes advocating for local control, encouraging parental involvement, and preserving traditional values that honor America's cultural heritage. She firmly believes in tailoring education to address community-specific requirements, as she understands that every local school board district is unique. Furthermore, Lisa plans to prioritize fiscal responsibility by prioritizing investments that directly impact student achievement and ensuring that Nebraska's curriculum reflects the values and aspirations of its communities.

"I am determined to tackle the pressing challenges faced by our education system," Lisa emphasizes. "My top priorities are addressing literacy and math rates, minimizing distractions, tackling the impending teacher shortage, and providing alternative pathways for students to succeed and fulfill their aspirations. By fostering trust and a collaborative environment that brings together parents, teachers, and community stakeholders, we can collectively work towards what is best for Nebraska's students."

Lisa Schonhoff's campaign promises an A+ upgrade for education in Nebraska, where every student can thrive and reach their full potential. To learn more about Lisa Schonhoff's campaign and her vision for Nebraska's educational future, please visit her official website at

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